The Millstone Times’ Student of the Month: Abigail Urban

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By Pam Teel

Seventeen year-old Abigail Urban is a junior at Allentown High School. Abigail lives in Millstone Township.

Abigail finds many of the subjects that she is learning in school very interesting. She currently enjoys her AP U.S. History class. She loves participating in extra-curricular activities, such as the Allentown Redbird Marching Band, Half and Half (the chamber choir ensemble), the musicals and the plays, and the school newspaper. She is also one of the drum majors in the marching band. The best part of the day is that she gets to see and spend time with many of her friends who share the same interests as her. Her favorite subject right now is English.

Abigail claims to be a diehard Harry Potter fan since the fourth grade. Although she doesn’t watch a lot of TV, she loves to listen to music. Abigail loves so many different genres of music that it’s hard for her to pick a favorite song from among them. Aside from listening to music, Abigail also enjoys singing and playing the clarinet.

Abigail lives with her parents, Rob and Kathleen, and her two younger sisters Rebecca and Vanessa Urban. Her family pets include two turtles. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. When asked if she could have one wish, Abigail wished that everyone in the World could be happy.

Abigail is considering pursuing a career in the field of communications and film because she has always loved writing, (journalism) and making her own movies. She has also considered a career in music education because she loves participating in band and choir.

Abigail is a well-rounded young woman who manages to keep a high academic standing, even with all the extracurricular activity she is involved in. We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors Abigail. We hope that you continue to enjoy everything that high school has to offer!