Millstone Resident Shines on The Voice

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By Pam Teel

Twenty-one year old Alessandra Castronovo of Millstone Township made it through the first round of auditions, also known as the blind auditions for those familiar with the Emmy award-winning TV show, The Voice, on NBC. Alessandra had to sing in front of four celebrity judges as their backs were turned away from her. The judges included Gwen Stefani, William Pharrell, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Both Adam and Blake turned their chairs around during her performance, hoping to add her to their perspective teams. Alessandra belted out David Guetta’s song, “When Love Takes Over.” It was Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon 5, who eventually won her over, although Alessandra admits to not hearing much of what Blake and Adam were saying as they fought back and forth for her. That’s because she was too caught up in the moment, elated that not one, but two judges turned their chairs around after hearing her soulful voice. According to her younger sister Bianca, “Alessandra didn’t remember much of what either one said during that time. Her emotions were everywhere. She was both nervous and thrilled at the same time.”

Speaking of nerves, Bianca, her brother, and their parents got to watch via the monitor in the family viewing room back stage as Alessandra performed live in front of the judges. Imagine their reaction when they saw both judges turn to face her. They were even more elated when Adam raved on about the sheer power of Alessandra’s voice. It’s a tough competition this year with many talented singers, but Alessandra can certainly hold her own with her God given natural talent.

Bianca can tell you that Alessandra always loved to sing from a very early age. As Alessandra got older, people started to take notice of her talent. She got to perform in 2010 at the Six Flags Fright Fest under the title of Rising Pop Star. This experience in front of a crowd helped her to overcome her shyness to perform in front of a lot of people. Her family and friends always knew she could do more. They were always telling her to try out for one of the musical television shows. Luckily she listened. A voice like hers should be shared. Whether she wins this competition or not, she won’t be easily forgotten. Alessandra plans on continuing her singing career out in Los Angeles.

Bianca describes her sister as a very humble genuine person. They are only two years apart and neither minded hanging out together. They also share a lot of the same friends. Alessandra and her two siblings grew up in a close family. Her parents, Vinny and Daniela are the owners of Albivi’s Restaurant in the Perrineville section of Millstone Township, where all three siblings took their turns waiting on tables and helping out in the restaurant.

When asked what Alessandra thought of the judges, she stated that Adam was a real cool guy and that Blake was hilarious to be around. She went on to say that all of the judges had only kind words of encouragement toward the contestants.

The judges made them feel good about themselves and all the other contestants are very helpful and supportive toward each other.” There is no doubt that Alessandra will come away from this experience with many new contacts and many new friends. Besides singing, Alessandra also has her license as a make-up artist, but she’s not the only talent that comes from this family. Sister Bianca is an aspiring actress who recently finished a role in an upcoming new movie called Voiceless. Her seventeen-year-old brother Vinny is an aspiring dancer and choreographer was chosen to be on the 2010-2011 United States Dance Team. He also placed 2nd in Season 6 of Randy Jackson’s Americas Best Dance Crew.

Alessandra recently defeated fellow contestant Joe Kirk in the knockout rounds where team members are pitted against each other in a sing out. They performed Rihanna’s “Stay” as a duo. Levine chose Alessandra’s performance over Kirk’s, which means that she’s still in the competition. We wish you only the best
Alessandra. We hope you make it all the way!