How to Make an Easy Move

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The Moving Guys are among the leading moving companies serving Brick, Toms River, Old Bridge, Monroe, and the surrounding areas. Our movers are committed to providing the best quality moving service and helping you enjoy a seamless and pleasant experience for your next move. There are a few things you can do to make your move easier.

Making Your Move Easier
We can provide complete moving and packing service or you can do your own packing. If you are packing your own belongings, it is important to make sure all your packing is done before the movers arrive. If you aren’t finished, it will slow down the moving process. You are responsible for the items you pack, but remember that nothing flammable is permitted on the truck.

As you are packing your boxes, you can save time and make the job easier by taking the time to properly seal all boxes and clearly labeling the box. It is a good idea to label the boxes with the area where they will be placed by the movers when they arrive at your new home. Include any information about fragile items inside boxes for the movers.

Although our movers provide exceptional quality moving service, it is always advisable to keep certain things in your possession. For example, keep your ban information, health records, and other important documents with you during your move. You can always place fragile items, such as electronics and pictures, in your car.

Things to Do Before Movers Arrive
• Disconnect washers and dryers and cut gas lines
• Empty and defrost the refrigerator
• Disassemble beds and tables, but be sure to put the hardware in a safe place
• Save time by moving small items on your own before moving day

In some cases when people are buying and selling a home, there can be two closings in one day. Movers often provide a cost differential to hold your possessions overnight to avoid the stress of trying to do everything in one day. Your move will be smoother and less stressful with this method.

Local Moves
Our movers have experience with all types of belongings including pianos, Jacuzzis, and pool tables. We provide moving services for local moves in Brick, Toms River, Old Bridge, Monroe, and the surrounding areas, as well as in house moves for renovations.

Long Distance
We provide in state and interstate relocation services.

Packing and Unpacking
Our team provides packing, unpacking, and crating services. We can even help with loading and unloading rental trucks.

Packing Supplies
We offer a large selection of packing materials with delivery in the local area.

If you need storage, we offer everything from overnight to long term storage options.

If you are looking for moving companies in Brick, Old Bridge, Toms River, or Monroe, call the Moving Guys for professional movers at affordable rates. We provide upfront pricing and free estimates. A tip is not mandatory for movers, but always appreciated when the service is satisfactory.