Give Loved Ones Experience Gifts

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By Brianna Siciliano

Special occasions are always creeping up on us, and we often feel confused about what gifts we should give. Giving presents to loved ones can be challenging. We do not want to give the people we care about gifts that they do not like, so most of the time, we end up gifting them with money, an outfit or two, or a bottle of their favorite wine.To spice things up, gift someone an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Do you have a a thrill-seeking loved one who has a special occasion coming up? If so, why not gift them a certificate to go skydiving, drive a race car, or learn how to fly? Most thrill-seekers have activities like these on their bucket lists, and gifting them a chance to jump off a plane, fly a plane, or drive a race car will show that you care about their passions. 

Do you have a loved one who enjoys music or theatre? There are endless experience options of gifts for these kinds of people. If you know someone who enjoys Broadway, gift them with a pair of tickets to see a Broadway play. If your loved one enjoys a certain band or singer, gift them with a pair of tickets to that entertainer’s concert. 

Do you have a loved one with a passion for creativity? Treat them to a class that they will enjoy the most, whether it is an art class, a photography class, or a cooking class. If that does not sound appealing, why not treat your loved one to a tasting, whether it may be a wine tasting, martini tasting, cheese tasting, or a chocolate tasting. Your loved one will have plenty of happy memories because of your thoughtfulness. 

Different people enjoy different things, so why should you continue to gift the same presents to every person you care about? Try to personalize gifts for everyone you care about and enjoy the lifelong memories that you are creating.