Fun Ways to Celebrate National Opposite Day

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By Brianna Siciliano

Did you know that opposite day is a real holiday? On Sunday, January 25, it is National Opposite Day! Children will love celebrating this day from start to finish, so why not fuel their entertaiment and excitement by celebrating the day as a family? 

Your kids will get a kick out the wacky ways to celebrate this fun-filled holiday! Start out celebrating this holiday from the very second you wake up. Doing simple things like starting the day off with dinner instead of breakfast, getting dressed before taking a shower, and saying goodbye instead of hello will cause your children to burst out in laughter and join in on the fun. 

Opposite day is celebrated in winter, so it might be fun to celebrate the day as if it were summer! Dress up in summer clothes, eat your favorite summer foods, and pretend to get a nice tan in a room filled with light. Make sure to stay indoors if you celebrate the day as if it were summer––we don’t want anyone to suffer any colds!

Another cute idea for opposite day is to switch roles with your children for the day(to an extent). Let your children take on the role of parent by taking care of you, picking out your clothes, and preparing your meals for the day. This does not include letting your children use appliances like an oven, a toaster, knives, or any other devices that can cause harm. Children will love being the boss for the day!

Lastly, have your children say the opposite of everything they mean for the day. If your daughter is hungry, she’ll say, “I’m not hungry.” To make this even more fun, you can jokingly act like it is not opposite day in times like these, and jokingly reply, “You’re not hungry? Good, I didn’t want to cook anyhow.” 

The more creative you are, the more fun opposite day will be. Have a great time celebrating…or should I say, don’t have a great time!