The Desire to Inspire

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By Susan Heckler

I have one and I bet you do too. I’m talking about a person close to you who has that personality or talent to bring out the very best in people. Financial success has nothing to do with this; it is embracing certain qualities in a person’s character that makes them reach for the best in all of us and the most meaningful life for his or her own life.

It is common knowledge that we are judged by the company we keep. Help your present company rise to the level you would like; show them a better way. If you would like to be a person to admire and hope to inspire others, here are some quick tips to get started.

One way to inspire people is to set an example. Show people yourself at your best and that you constantly strive to maintain being someone you are proud of.

Let people know you see the potential in them and encourage them to find it. This translates to any relationship. If a child knows you will settle for a C average in school, not many would struggle to get higher. If they know you expect them to reach their potential, it is challenging them and cheering them on to greater success. The key is to stress their individual potential and not compare them to the potential of others. You want to gently encourage and not discourage.

People can gage authenticity. If you do not genuinely care about the person it will show through your words and body language. Disingenuous behavior is counterproductive. Your actions need to match your words and the truth will show in your eyes. Faith is a wonderful quality.

Faith in religion, faith in the future, and faith in those around you should be shared as it is an inspiration to all. Having faith allows you to reach past your comfort zone, try new things and inspire others to do the same as you have faith in them and show them to have faith in their own abilities.

Another way to inspire people is to share your convictions and stand by them. Speak of who inspires you and why. Sharing your beliefs and convictions is a sign of trust and standing by them shows loyalty, even if it is only to an idea. It is okay to show your vulnerability, it makes you approachable and human. Perfection is generally too good to be true and can cause suspicion; trying to find the cracks.

Be truthful and honest. Aim for the less hurtful ways to be truthful, you can get your point across gently. This speaks to your personal integrity when the people around you know they can count on your honesty.

Inspiring people is not just about speaking to them about your convictions; it is also listening to them. When you listen to someone else, you are showing them that you value their worth. Giving recognition goes a long way toward positive self-esteem. Be someone you are proud of and the rest will fall into place.