Healthcare Marketing that Gets Results

Medical and dental practice marketing can be one of the most difficult (and expensive) parts of your business strategy. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition, especially your local competition. Gunther Publications offers medical practice marketing within its widely circulated Ask The Doctor Magazine.

Our magazine connects your practice with local residents, not only with our print advertising for doctors, but also with interesting content that helps cement your place in the community. Our health and wellness magazine, interspersed with medical advertisements, reaches over 225,000 readers in the Monmouth County area.

Connect and Interact with Your Community

The difference between what Gunther Publications can do for you and traditional medical practice marketing is the value add. Through our magazine, we target your services directly at your community — where your customers are. We use “multi-platform” marketing, meaning your ads don’t just appear in our print publication. Gunther Publications gets the word out about your practice via:

Online version of magazine
Bi-monthly email marketing, including your coupon
Social media exposure
Website exposure

A healthy living magazine like Ask The Doctor targets your exact customer base instead of attempting to sweep the entire state of New Jersey. Of course, don’t take our word for it. The testimonials about our doctor directory speak for themselves!

Our first ad is still bringing in people that have held onto the magazine for the past two months! They love the informational articles and so they don’t throw it away. This is a great publication.

As the owner of a new business in Monmouth County I was very selective on where I spent my advertising dollars and my choice to go with Ask The Doctor was a great one. People hold onto the beautiful and informative magazine rather than throw it away and so my ad was still being seen long after the day it was delivered.

Contact us today about our medical advertising rates and how we can help you with your healthcare, dental, and medical practice marketing.